Smith Village Management Team

The Management Team at Smith Village is responsible for the daily operations of our community. But more than that, they set the standard for caring, quality and excellence that can be found throughout the Smith Village community.

Marti Jatis, Executive Director
Executive Director Marti Jatis has a solid Smith background, having served 14 years as the director of food service operations for both Smith Village and our sister campus, Smith Crossing, in Orland Park. In addition to that experience, Marti is a licensed nursing home administrator. “My goal is to make residents feel this is their home and they do have a say in things. It’s important that I and members of my entire team are careful to remember we’re in their home and to keep everyone safe and comfortable.”

Kelley Flynn, Executive Assistant to the Executive Director
Executive Assistant Kelley Flynn thinks older adults “ask all the right questions and get right to the point”—which, on sometimes hectic days, can be of real help. The thank-yous are special too, according to Flynn. “No handshakes for this group. It’s usually a big hug,” she says cradling herself.

Admissions and Social Services

Pat Coleman, Director of Admissions
Director of Admissions Pat Coleman has enjoyed a career in the retirement industry for nearly 20 years. She is impressed by how seniors are savvy consumers today. “They ask all the right questions and I’m glad we’re able to provide them satisfying answers.”

Tom Zarzycki, Social Services Director
Social Services Director Tom Zarzycki is proud of Smith Village’s outstanding reputation in the Beverly community. “We continue to invest all of our efforts in improving the lives of our residents. We have a close family atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else.”

Marketing and Sales

Loris Vander Velde, Sales Counselor
Sales Counselor Loris Vander Velde says the best part of her job is meeting people, whether they are thinking about moving to Smith Village or already have. “I was a history major so I just love to hear about their history, where they’re from, what they did, where they went to school—everything.”

Theresa Rusch, Sales Counselor
Sales Counselor Theresa Rusch enjoys getting to know residents and their families on a personal basis. “The best part of my job is the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful community of people, the staff and the residents,” she says. “There is so much to learn from their experience.”

Meghan Luce, Marketing Coordinator
“I love coming to work every day knowing that we have such great residents and staff here,” says Marketing Coordinator Meghan Luce. She worked here as a server four years and wanted to come back to work on the marketing team. “It is a great feeling knowing that I can help new residents make that transition into our community and make them feel at home.”


Dining Services

Art Youkerd, Director of Dining Services
Director of Dining Services Art Youkerd says his post is all about getting feedback, positive or negative, to better serve residents and their guests. “The only way we can improve is if we’re told the truth.” And he sees his job through a second lens. “I hope my mother can transition to a Life Plan Community like Smith Village in a decade or so.”

Gautham Rao, Executive Chef
Gautham Rao likes to spend time in the dining room talking with residents during dinner. He’s eager to find out what tweaks to the menu or dishes they would prefer. Rao equates chatting with older adults to being with his parents—they’re open-minded and know how to enjoy life. He adds that he and his staff are mindful, “This is their home.”


Smain Sadok M.D., Medical Director
Medical Director Smain Sadok M.D. is committed to educating residents, families and staff about health issues facing older adults. “My years as a doctor have taught me that health challenges for patients also affect their families.” On the staff of Little Company of Mary, Advocate Christ and Holy Cross hospitals, his goal is “to ensure that Smith Village remains a caring, supportive community.”

Yahaira Ramirez, Director of Nursing
Director of Nursing Yahaira Ramirez says, “I feel privileged to know residents who are such intriguing people. I am proud to be their advocate.” Yahaira has her own ideas about what makes Smith Village special. “We provide care for residents as they transition through levels of living. We’re the one constant in a changing world for them and their families.”

Charlotte Belcher, Assistant Director of Nursing
Assistant Director of Nursing Charlotte Belcher says the best part of her day is witnessing the smiles of people in her care and seeing them recover. She finds a great deal of teamwork and camaraderie among coworkers and thinks “we should all strive for excellence all of the time. That’s why I’m comfortable here.”

Human Resources

Megan O’Neill, Human Resources Assistant
Human Resources Assistant Megan O’Neill says she really looks forward to coming to work every day. “This is my home away from home. It’s a pleasure to see such smiling and friendly faces each morning. The staff and residents are special to me because they are my extended family.”

Life Enrichment

Sarah Jewett, Resident Service Director of Assisted Living
Resident Service Director of Assisted Living Sarah Jewett thinks Smith Village is special because of its atmosphere and focus on caring. One of her favorite memories is as the Drama Club Director when “we did a scene from the movie Moonstruck. It was fun to watch people work toward a common goal.”

Diane Morgan, Memory Support Coordinator
As Memory Support Coordinator for Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Care, Diane Morgan feels no two days are ever the same at Smith Village. While noting how appreciative the residents are for the assistance they receive, she observes, “I learn everything I need to know about life from the seniors.”

Making Life Easier

Ashley Castro, Environmental Services Director
Ashley Castro describes her role as being one of anticipation: Her walky-talky crackles non-stop, keeping her in touch with her team of 17 housekeeping staff, seven laundry aides, five each EVS technicians and maintenance crew members, and two painters. She says, “Everyone is so willing to work as a team. We truly depend on each other to do a good job for our residents.”

Will Richardson, Environmental Services Manager
Will Richardson, who started working for Smith communities in 2004, says he has grown a lot over the years by listening to residents share their knowledge and experiences. “I’ve even picked up some good maintenance tips from ‘weekend’ handymen who now live here,” he says. And one of the best parts of his job is that he never has a routine day. “I come in every morning ready for anything.”

Marlene Sheahan, Receptionist
Receptionist Marlene Sheahan is the ideal person to greet residents and visitors with a smile and a cheerful welcome for all. “I enjoy the residents because they are all unique and interesting. Their stories and knowledge of things amazes me. I love their positive attitudes.”