Volunteer Opportunities in Chicago

A chance to give. A chance to grow.

The joy of giving has been a part of the Smith Village spirit since we opened our doors in 1924. Our amazing residents, their families, students and members of the community enjoy finding ways to use their talents to make a positive impact here on our Beverly campus and in the surrounding area.

On any given day, resident volunteers may be found working in the Village Store; helping in our administrative offices; or serving area non-for-profit organizations, civic groups, church groups or area hospitals.

Family members and community volunteers are here sharing a passion, talent or skill to help enrich the lives of residents.

The benefits of volunteering reach far beyond the personal satisfaction of a job well done. It can improve overall happiness and mental well-being. It enriches a sense of purpose and often helps people feel healthier as a result. That’s why we offer many opportunities to volunteer and add to the community life of Smith Village.

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