Why CARF Accreditation Is So Important

Choosing a senior living community comes with a lot of questions. But perhaps the most important question you should ask is, “Has this community been CARF accredited?”

Maybe you’ve heard of it, or maybe you haven’t, but there are many reasons why selecting a CARF accredited community like Smith Village is so important. The acronym stands for the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. It is a worldwide, independent, nonprofit organization that sets rigorous and comprehensive guidelines for governance, fiscal responsibility and standards of care. CARF accreditation is the official industry designation that recognizes service standards and best practices. It is a prestigious accomplishment that less than 10% of Life Plan Communities achieve internationally.

According to the commission, CARF standards have been developed over 50 plus years by international teams of service providers, policy makers, payers, family members, and consumers. The standards have also been submitted to the public for review, which validates relevancy and ensures input from all interested stakeholders.

So how does CARF accreditation affect you directly?
It means no matter what level of care you reside in within a community, you can trust that the associates and staff will provide only the highest quality of care, services, programs and facilities possible. It also signals that a community has made a specific commitment to put the needs of their residents and their families at the forefront, and they are continually looking for opportunities to improve services, create a dialogue and serve the community.

Smith Village has earned the distinct honor of CARF accreditation and each year moving forward, we will submit to an Annual Conformance to Quality Report. Our continuing compliance with standards is aimed at ensuring a secure environment for residents and meeting their needs and expectations for high-quality services.

Choosing Smith Village means you have peace of mind that the care and service you’re receiving is fully vetted – so you can enjoy the years to come.

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