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How Chicago's White City Shaped the World

How Chicago's White City Shaped the World. The Story of the 1893 World's Fair. Wednesday, January 25.

You’ve heard stories of the World’s Fair and The Devil in the White City, but you’ve never heard it like this!

Join local historian Bob Dion for a tour of this triumph of American spirit and ingenuity. Experience the thrill of the fairgrounds. Go behind the scenes. And meet a fascinating cast of characters – including the “devil” himself, H.H. Holmes. Bob will also share items from his collection and reveal what remains today of the “White City.” 

Guest lectures and cultural events are part of our commitment to lifelong learning. It’s just another reason why Smith Village is one of the area’s premier senior living communities. 

Don’t miss this thrilling event!

How Chicago’s White City Shaped the World
Wednesday, January 25th • 11am
Smith Village
2320 W 113th Place
Chicago, IL 60643
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