What is a Life Plan Community?

A Life Plan Community, also known as a Continuing Care Retirement Community, is a residential community for people age 62 and older that provides a variety of living options, along with services, amenities and a continuum of care designed to address the changing needs of residents as they age. The typical Life Plan Community offers not only Independent Living, but also Assisted Living, Memory Support and Skilled Nursing services.

Why Choose a Life Plan Community?

  • Live a happier, healthier life. Life Plan Communities offer opportunities to socialize with peers and to remain active and engaged, which in turn fosters a positive outlook. The focus on wellness and strong community support encourages each individual to attain his or her highest potential. Life Plan Communities also help ensure proper health care and easy access to good nutrition.
  • Enjoy confidence and peace of mind. A Life Plan Community provides a way to plan for the unknown and the “what ifs,” and to lessen the financial impact of unforeseen health care needs.
  • Stay in control of your future. When you choose a Life Plan Community, you are making important decisions about where you will live and who will care for you as you age. This keeps the decision in your hands rather than placing it in the hands of others or having to make a last-minute, snap decision in a time of crisis.
  • Protect your family. When family members are forced to make decisions about a person’s living arrangements and health care during a time of crisis, there can be significant emotional and financial impact.
  • Move once. With a Life Plan Community, you can remain in the same community as your needs change. This alleviates the stress of moving multiple times and allows you to maintain existing relationships in a familiar environment. It also enables couples to remain close to each other, even if one person requires a higher level of services.
  • Make a smart financial decision. Choosing a Life Plan Community can help secure your future by stabilizing costs at a reasonably predictable level. Most Life Plan Communities have an entrance fee and monthly fees that include things like dining points, utilities, transportation, cultural and educational opportunities, and more.

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